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Happy Birthday Treat


114135- 17" Happy Birthday Treat

134185- 31" Happy Birthday Treat {Category S60}

124185- 9" Happy Birthday Treat

6 digit design number & suffix denotes package type in Helium Product
Air Fill product does not use suffix unless design comes with a valve

Bulk Flat Stock Balloon suffix = HV, must be ordered in multiples of 100, 25 for 31"

5 Pack Stock Balloon suffix = C or H
C includes pictured insert card of balloons inside, H is labeled only
Designs come in C or H not both, must be ordered in multiples of 5

Single Pack Stock Balloon suffix = BHP
Balloon with pictured insert card in single bag with display hole punch
5 Single bags are wrapped together, must be ordered in multiples of 5

No suffix on Standard Air Fill, Air Fill w/Valve Balloon suffix = V
Bulk Air Fill Stock Balloons must be ordered in multiples of 100

Check SKU for design package options available