Welcome to CTI Balloons at CTI Industries Corporation!

Since 1977, CTI has been manufacturing foil balloons. CTI was the first company to introduce and mass produce foil balloons into the marketplace. Today, CTI maintains its position as a leader in development, design, quality, and innovation. CTI also manufactures a large selection of balloons and latex products, such as punchballs, twisties, and waterbombs. CTI’s latex is offered in a variety of colors (Crystal, Standard, and Pearlized) and printed designs. CTI’s products are sold in the United States and in over 30 other countries.

All foil balloons are manufactured in the United States at CTI’s plant in Lake Barrington, Illinois. All facets of product manufacturing and design are performed at this plant. CTI designs and constructs much of its own equipment including conversion machinery, photopolymer plates, and manufacturing heads. The printing process is conducted at CTI’s facility on advanced 8-color equipment that provides the highest level of graphics and increased line speeds. CTI’s manufacturing facility is among the most advanced in the industry. CTI utilizes environmentally safe, water-based inks in its printing, making them safe for children.

CTI Worldwide consists of the USA Corporate office as well as our international subsidiaries located in Mexico, Germany, and the UK.

For more information about CTI’s International subsidiaries, you can visit their websites found below.

United Kingdom – CTI Balloons Ltd.: www.ctiballoons.co.uk
Mexico – Flexo Universal SA de CV: www.flexouniversal.com.mx
Germany – CTI Europe GmbH: www.ctishop.de